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Bourjois Twist Up The Volume – A Mascara to Recommend?

As you know I love to test everything that is even slightly related to lashes. I think it arise from short and unattractive lashes complex. At any cost I would want to make my look more expressive, but as for now I can achieve it only with false lashes. Lately, I get


AMC Brow Liner Gel from Inglot – The story about why I started to outline my eyebrows

A couple of years ago I didn’t think about outlining my eyebrows and for a long time I was resisting this make-up trend. Of course, I always regulated my brows with tweezers, but I never thought about painting them with colourful cosmetics. Thanks to Brow Liner from Inglot I noticed the benefits


Why do I use only L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes?

I have fine and short lashes, so my biggest problem was to find mascara, which will make my look as stunning and beautiful as those of models in TV commercials. For a long time I’ve been searching for my ideal and then I found… Volume Million Lashes from L’Oreala. Why is L’Oreal