My couperose skin care with Black Orchid

My long time problem is couperose skin that I have to deal with every day. I tried many methods for it, but it was all for nothing. Until now my only hope was foundation with great cover and concealer for red skin changes. Few weeks ago, I bought strengthening cream Black Orchid


This weeks favourite: Toning up TEAOLOGY Cream

I love cosmetics from reputable chemist’s, because then I know that I will always buy products of a great brand and in a high quality. Lately, I focus on creams, because I was on a search for a perfect tone up body lotion. I was, because I found my favourite at the


Papaya face mask from Orientana – Does it remove discolourations?

Spring is coming, sunny days, long evenings and warm nights. I decided to prepare my skin for this occasion, so it would look stunning and glowing. So, I come to you with new test of a product that I lately lay my hands on, i.e. removing discolourations Orientana mask. Orientana is my


Long Lashes with Nanolash

Can you believe that this is the end of my Nanolash Treatment? I am extremely excited to tell you more about my final results. I first saw the Nanolash Enhancer on Mallika blog, and I was stunned by the before and after pictures. Although my lashes were average, I was always using


Bourjois Twist Up The Volume – A Mascara to Recommend?

As you know I love to test everything that is even slightly related to lashes. I think it arise from short and unattractive lashes complex. At any cost I would want to make my look more expressive, but as for now I can achieve it only with false lashes. Lately, I get


My propositions on classical make-up for any occasion

Make-up freaks (like me) just love to experiment with make-up, however, at the bottom of our hearts we have those few dependable make-ups, that just always work. Classical make-up is the best because it is well known by us and we can recreate it in an exactly the same way every time.


Skin Care with Snail Your Skin

Few years ago, I wouldn’t even think about applying snail slime on my face. I was breeding snails only in my garden and fed them with some cheese. Now, my love for natural methods of skin care reached the stage, where I buy creams with snail slime for 45£ for 1.7 Oz.!