I Test Mascaras That You Must Have Heard Of!

Mascara is a beauty item that seems to be an ultimate essential during everyday makeup routine. I wouldn’t do without it as well. I used to buy only drugstore mascaras and then I figured there was time for a change. I’ve tested various products and I’m sure you already know them.

mascara ranking

Why did I want to replace my mascara?

You must be wondering why I needed to get a new mascara. The one I’d been using was okay, but, you all know, I just love new arrivals and product tests.

When browsing through beauty websites, I came across mascaras that were new to me. I read many positive reviews, which is why I figured why not verify these?

I was also fed up with the old mascara that I’d been using for a long time. If other cosmetics promise to guarantee better makeup looks, why not give them a try?

I’ve Tested 4 Mascaras! Check Out My Reviews

As I told you before, I decided to test products that I never used before, which is why the only thing I knew about them was opinions from other users. In other words, you can rely on my honest reviews.

nanolash mascara

1. Nanolash Mascara

The Nanolash mascara is one of the top-ranked mascaras over the Internet. Reviewers love it for superb effects and a perfect brush. I verified that. Visiting the product site, I saw two options to choose from:

I went for the maximum volume because I figured my lashes needed it the most. After using the Nanolash mascara for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised.

It comes with a silicone, perfectly-shaped brush; I didn’t struggle to grab short corner lashes. The product doesn’t stick lashes together, but adds great thickness. The Nanolash mascara stays untouched all day. It never flakes or streaks, even on a rainy day.

I’m still using this mascara and I’m fully satisfied.

 Lashcode lengthening and thickening mascara

2. Lashcode Mascara

The Lashcode lengthening and thickening mascara is another product I tested. I must say the lashes were defined and much bolder after the very first application. I noticed the mascara brush is similar to Nanolash’s wand, which is a great thing.

I applied the mascara early in the morning before work. I checked on my makeup after work and didn’t spot any mascara flakes. The Lashcode Mascara stays put long. There’s nothing to complain about.

3. Laura Mercier Extra Lash Sculpting Mascara

To be honest I didn’t hear about the brand before so testing the mascara was something I was looking forward to. The brush caught my eye right away. It has long and stiff bristles and I was worried it would make for tricky application, but it didn’t. The application was fast and smooth. I even managed to coat the short corner lashes.

On the other hand, the mascara didn’t prove long-wearing. At the end of the day I spotted mascara flakes on the cheeks. I didn’t test the mascara on a rainy day so I’m not sure how it would do in contact with humidity.

4. L’Oreal Panoramic Curl Mascara

I had great expectations when buying the L’Oreal Panoramic Curl Mascara. Sadly, I wasn’t fully satisfied. Let me start with the pros, though. Surely the mascara has curling effects, which is noticeable immediately. It also lasts all day; I didn’t notice any clumping or flaking.

Now, let me round up the cons. First, the mascara simply runs down on hot days… I’m not taking it with me on summer trips for sure. I didn’t like the brush either. I struggled to grab the short corner eyelashes. Maybe that’s because of my drooping eyelids? Not sure.

Conclusions After Testing Mascaras

Testing the above products was sheer pleasure. Each of the reviewed mascaras has good and bad sides, however, the Nanolash Mascara is my top choice. It fulfills all my wants and needs, and I still use it.

The other picks aren’t bad, but I created the roundup to choose the keeper.

When looking for your perfect mascara, you need some testing. Remember to check the formula, brush, and how long it stays put, which will make the searchings much easier.