My Secret to Perfectly-Styled Brows? At-Home Eyebrow Lamination Kit – Nanobrow Lamination Kit!

brow lamination

Hey there!

As you know, brow make-up and styling is extremely important to me and I always make sure I get foolproof products (and recommend them to you!).

I used to know literally nothing about eyebrows, and shaping them was the worst nightmare. I even thought my brows couldn’t be fixed. Luckily I was wrong!

Then I discovered and fell in love with eyebrow lamination and now I can’t do without it. I guess some of you aren’t familiar with the treatment so let me start by explaining it briefly…

What’s brow lamination?

It’s a method for permanent brow shaping and lifting. Women who don’t want to do brow makeup every day have gone crazy about brow lamination. It changes the shape of brows and helps brush them into the desired direction. It leaves brows perfectly arched for many weeks. They look healthy and appear fluffier.

Until recently I had brows laminated by an esthetician but now it’s changed – I laminate them myself using the brow lift and lamination kit – Nanobrow Lamination Kit.

How do I do that if I’m not an esthetician? Is it really safe? How long do the results last?

I’ll be happy to answer the questions!

brow lift at home

Nanobrow Lamination Kit – my at-home brow lamination

The eyebrow lamination kit from Nanobrow is a practical and safe option that I recommend to every woman, even the one who has never had anything to do with brow lamination.

I myself was shocked by how easy to use it is – I thought I wouldn’t do it right but the effect after my first DIY eyebrow lamination was a pleasant surprise.

It keeps my eyebrows precisely shaped for up to six weeks. They also look healthier and have an amazing shine.

The brow lift and lamination kit – Nanobrow Lamination Kit – includes numbered bottles, which makes the job super easy – if it wasn’t for them, I guess I would have got them mixed-up, especially when doing the brow lamination for the first time.

Effect of eyebrow lamination with Nanobrow Lamination Kit

With the brow lift and lamination kit from Nanobrow:

  • I have thicker and fluffier brows which don’t need makeup,
  • my brows are disciplined and precisely styled (finally!),
  • I save money I’d need to spend at the beautician’s,
  • I’m not worried about brows looking messy,
  • doing a treatment such as brow lamination all by myself brought lots of satisfaction (I like to learn new things :)).

Eyebrow lift and lamination kit Nanobrow – price/where to buy it

I bought my brow lamination kit at the official store Fast shipping is another benefit. The product itself looks very elegant (let me know if you also value such things in cosmetics :D).

The eyebrow lift and lamination kit Nanobrow Lamination Kit turns out to be a fantastic buy. I’ll definitely use it regularly. It has turned my brows around and they do look as if laminated by an esthetician.

How about you? You know how to style your brows or is it the hated thing? LMK 🙂