Shampoo Bar – Fail or Success?

I’m big on natural beauty products and zero-waste ideas so I had to try a shampoo bar which is extremely popular these days. I’d love to share what I make of it. If you’re curious about the difference between regular shampoo and shampoo bar, and the benefits of the latter, then read on. 🙂

Shampoo bar – fail or success?

DEFINITELY SUCCESS. Shampoo bars are extremely popular among fans of natural cosmetics, vegans and minimalists. They’re eco-friendly and last long, plus travel-friendly! A small bar usually comes wrapped in paper and there’s no plastic that our planet is already filled with… Production of shampoo bars uses much less water than manufacture of regular shampoos. Also, the formulas are based on milder cleansing agents, oils, cosmetic clays and other natural additional ingredients. Shampoo bar clears the scalp of oil and removes dirt, dust and product buildup from hair.

Benefits of shampoo bars

  1. efficiency: one bar which is the size of a soap lasts for 2 to 3 months when used regularly.
  2. eco-friendly: production of shampoo bars is better for the environment and uses less water. A shampoo bar is also in tune with the zero-waste lifestyle, and good for vegans and vegetarians.
  3. nature-friendly packaging: most shampoo bars are wrapped in paper or come in a small cardboard box so the waste is less toxic for the environment.
  4. lack of synthetic and irritative substances: it doesn’t contain sulfates – SLS or SLES – which cause dryness of the scalp and hair, and silicones or parabens. Instead, shampoo bars are rich in botanical extracts, oils and butters, natural fragrances and mild washing agents.
  5. travel size: because it’s small, we can take it on outings or long trips. It takes up little space in a bag.

How to use a shampoo bar?

Shampoo bar looks like soap and it’s super easy to use. You can do it in three ways:

  1. Lather it up between the palms and massage it into the scalp and hair.
  2. Use the bar directly on the wet scalp and hair, treating it like a sponge.
  3. Put a tiny piece of the bar into a small jar or other container, pour some warm water and shake it. Use the mixture for washing the hair and scalp.

Like any shampoo, the shampoo bar should be suited to your hair type. You can get it at nearly every drugstore and it usually comes at affordable prices. Will you try this alternative to regular shampoos? 🙂