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My couperose skin care with Black Orchid

My long time problem is couperose skin that I have to deal with every day. I tried many methods for it, but it was all for nothing. Until now my only hope was foundation with great cover and concealer for red skin changes. Few weeks ago, I bought strengthening cream Black Orchid


Papaya face mask from Orientana – Does it remove discolourations?

Spring is coming, sunny days, long evenings and warm nights. I decided to prepare my skin for this occasion, so it would look stunning and glowing. So, I come to you with new test of a product that I lately lay my hands on, i.e. removing discolourations Orientana mask. Orientana is my


Long Lashes with Nanolash

Can you believe that this is the end of my Nanolash Treatment? I am extremely excited to tell you more about my final results. I first saw the Nanolash Enhancer on Mallika blog, and I was stunned by the before and after pictures. Although my lashes were average, I was always using


Tomato Strengthening and Face Protection with Oceanic AA Eco

I love friendly for environment AA Eco cosmetics with hypo-allergic formula. My skin likes Oceanic products, because they contain 100% natural ingredients and do not cause irritations to sensitive skin. Lately, my favourite cosmetic became AA Eco with tomato extract. Sounds funny? But it works! Product description: AA Eco is a strengthening


How do I take care of my skin? Sun protection with High Protection Mineral Cream SPF50+ Avene

Hi Girls! Summer is just around the corner, so I decided to tell you something about how I protect my skin against sun. It is extremely important for me, because through autumn, winter and beginning of spring I used phototoxic chemical peels. On top of that, my skin is very sensitive and


Sesderma Kojicol Plus Skin Lightener Gel – did it help my skin?

Hi Girls! At last, I decided to end my struggle with discolourations! Some time ago I bought Sesderma Kojicol Plus Skin Lightener Gel. This cosmetic is recommended for normal, combination skin as well as heavy blotches caused by cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, sun exposure, pregnancy and especially suitable for acne spots. According to the


How to treat facial skin after summer? Beauty products.

Hello girls! Unfortunately, summer is coming to an end. It is time to think about changing our current cosmetics to those that will take care of the skin in autumn. Are you are interested, what foundations and creams we should leave in the drawer, and which should be bought or taken out