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My 3 foolproof ideas for getting the best effects from Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask

Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask is one of my favorite hair masks that I have ever used. I truly love the effects. So does my hair 🙂 Ever since I applied the keratin mask for the first time, my hair has been getting healthier and more beautiful. I don’t want to sound like


My couperose skin care with Black Orchid

My long time problem is couperose skin that I have to deal with every day. I tried many methods for it, but it was all for nothing. Until now my only hope was foundation with great cover and concealer for red skin changes. Few weeks ago, I bought strengthening cream Black Orchid


Silky smooth hair thanks to Nanoil – Liquid Silk Hair Mask Test!

Hey! Today we talk through a hair-care product that I’m sure most of you know very well – it’s silk. Do you know that this simple ingredient is actually the best thing you can treat your hair to? There is no better beautifying agent which at the same time quickly remedies damaged and


Papaya face mask from Orientana – Does it remove discolourations?

Spring is coming, sunny days, long evenings and warm nights. I decided to prepare my skin for this occasion, so it would look stunning and glowing. So, I come to you with new test of a product that I lately lay my hands on, i.e. removing discolourations Orientana mask. Orientana is my


Long Lashes with Nanolash

Can you believe that this is the end of my Nanolash Treatment? I am extremely excited to tell you more about my final results. I first saw the Nanolash Enhancer on Mallika blog, and I was stunned by the before and after pictures. Although my lashes were average, I was always using


I’m testing aloe and white tea face serum by Nanoil. Is it effective?

Lately I’ve got my hands on a fairly intriguing skin care product. In fact when it comes to face serums, I was pretty convinced that there was absolutely nothing that could surprise me anymore. I’ve always chosen proven cosmetics that contain either hyaluronic acid or vitamin C. However, this time I found


Tomato Strengthening and Face Protection with Oceanic AA Eco

I love friendly for environment AA Eco cosmetics with hypo-allergic formula. My skin likes Oceanic products, because they contain 100% natural ingredients and do not cause irritations to sensitive skin. Lately, my favourite cosmetic became AA Eco with tomato extract. Sounds funny? But it works! Product description AA Eco is a strengthening