Eyelash growth. Secret of spectacularly long eyelashes

You are passing a beautiful woman in the street. She has incredibly long eyelashes which attract your attention. There would be nothing wrong about it… but you can only dream of such lashes. Mascara, castor oil and eyelid massage bring no effects. Another eyelash extension only weakens your eyelashes instead of improving their appearance. How can you stimulate eyelash growth effectively and safely? What is an effective and safe way for stimulating eyelash growth?

Eyelash growth. Secret of spectacularly long eyelashesWe can choose between several methods. It would be ideal to stimulate eyelash growth in a natural and quicker way, without external help. However, it is also important to us how quickly the effects appear and how much we pay to achieve them. Theoretically, it is impossible to combine all these elements. In practice, we can buy Nanolash eyelash and eyebrow serum which seems to be the most reasonable choice. What are the other methods?

The most popular methods for eyelash growth

We must consider some criterion while comparing all popular methods for eyelash growth. They are all different, therefore we have ranked them FROM THE LEAST TO THE MOST EFFECTIVE METHODS.

Effectiveness: zero
Method: combing

If you think that combing the eyelashes with a tiny comb is a good eyelash growth method, you are wrong. It seems quite logic – it is said that brushing hair speeds up its growth. Eyelashes are also hair so it makes sense. Unfortunately, this method brings no effects. Although it costs almost nothing, it is a waste of time. Unless we want to have your eyelashes plucked out and broken due to strange eyelash combs. Combing the lashes every day will bring no good; it will only make them weak and damaged.

Effectiveness: poor
Method: eyelid massage

Theoretically, eyelashes should grow more quickly if you improve skin micro-circulation. This is what eyelid massage is going to provide. However, it isn’t a method that brings desired effects. In this case, slightly enhanced eyelash growth is just a coincidence. Unfortunately, it isn’t enough to stimulate micro-circulation to enhance the work of hair bulbs. We must provide them with proper active substances. Eyelash massage may only lead us to eyelash loss and breakage because there are no fixed rules on how to do such a massage.

Effectiveness: medium
Method: vaseline

It is said to excellently moisturise and add shine to hair as well as the skin. Some women say that vaseline is a great eyelash growth method whereas others laugh at the idea. Undoubtedly, when we apply vaseline to eyelashes, they become shiny, elastic and soft. But it will never make your eyelashes longer. It nourishes and protects them so that they can grow at natural speed. They are a bit stronger and may look fuller. It isn’t important, though, because vaseline is thick and greasy, the application is troublesome and there’s no way to deal with it.

Effectiveness: quite good
Method: castor oil

Wonderful oil that all women mention while talking about eyelash growth methods. There are many women who confirm that castor oil works. However, there are others who cannot see noticeable results. It depends on how our eyelashes react to fatty acids and nutrients included in the oil. Castor oil darkens, moisturises, adds shine and elasticity. It can boost eyelash growth but it takes time. You must wait very long for the effects. To make things worse, the application is quite problematic. Castor oil is very dense and greasy. It is hard to apply it precisely to the roots of eyelashes. We are more likely to smudge the lashes and everything around them. Castor oil is not so effective so there is no point in struggling with its application.

Effectiveness: good
Method: homemade conditioners

Eyelash growth is an anatomic change. An oil or vaseline are not enough. We need complex of nutritional ingredients. In order to strengthen your eyelashes and stimulate the bulbs, you can make your own blend of oils and other components. Main ingredient of recommended DIY eyelash conditioners is castor oil or amla. They also contain nettle or fenugreek brew, and other nutrients. We choose the amount and type of substances. Unfortunately, the preparation of such a home cosmetic is not easy. Sometimes, it is hard to find the ingredients whereas their shelf life is very short. What is more, the effectiveness is not as good as some people say.

Effectiveness: excellent
Method: Nanolash eyelash and eyebrow serum

Surprise you with long eyelashes thanks to NanolashNanolash eyelash and eyebrow serum is definitely the best and most effective way to enhance eyelash growth. You don’t need to spend a lot of money because it costs as much as a good quality mascara. Contrary to the mascara, it holds out even up to six months and brings long-lasting effects. If you want to enjoy amazingly natural, spectacular and very durable effects, you must try out Nanolash eyelash and eyebrow serum. You get even 50% longer eyelashes within first weeks and have a curtain of beautiful eyelashes. All you need to do is remember about regular daily application which is trouble-free. Nanolash comes with a thin brush that you soak in the liquid and spread on the eyelids at the roots of the lashes. You can observe the effects after a few weeks when your eyelashes become strengthened and repaired. The complex of natural ingredients is responsible for eyelash growth. Nanolash eyelash and eyebrow serum is simple, effective and unrivalled, which makes it the only reasonable choice and the best value for money.

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