I’m testing aloe and white tea face serum by Nanoil. Is it effective?

Lately I’ve got my hands on a fairly intriguing skin care product. In fact when it comes to face serums, I was pretty convinced that there was absolutely nothing that could surprise me anymore. I’ve always chosen proven cosmetics that contain either hyaluronic acid or vitamin C. However, this time I found a face serum with aloe and white tea. I thought that these two natural substances might appear to be fairly beneficial, especially that at that time my skin seemed to need some renewal, be exposed gentle care and receive a portion of antioxidants.

Are the quality and cost of Nanoil face serum with aloe and white tea high?

Let me get straight to the point. Nanoil Aloe & White Tea turned out to be one of the best face serums I’ve ever applied, and surely the best in this price category. Again, this proves my theory that some beauty products are priced less than they could be! I want to say that the low price doesn’t reflect the high effectiveness of this face serum. This little marvel with aloe outclassed many other face serums that cost three or four times more!

Why would I need a face serum in the first place?

I feel pity for women living 50 years ago – they had no idea how wonderful a face serum might be. Few knew – apart from Asian women – about the existence of natural oils. In general, personal care was rather poor back then. Nowadays, we know that face serum is one of the most effective ways of supplying all skin layers with essential nutrients. Thanks to being lightweight, such product is absorbed and tolerated by skin easily. High quality face serum is filled with active substances that are responsible for delivering nourishment, reinforcement and regeneration. Preservatives and carriers are just secondary. To sum up, face serum is a highly effective skin care product!


Intended use of Aloe & White Tea face serum by Nanoil

Who should consider using aloe and white tea on a daily basis? The answer is short: Everybody.

This serum by Nanoil is perfectly suitable for young and mature, oily and dry, sensitive and normal skin types. Even tired and couperose skin will be grateful for being treated with these two natural substances. Actually, those two ingredients work even for skin that doesn’t give us any signs of being disturbed. Therefore, when applied to healthy skin, this face serum protects it from damage and dehydration.

Indications for using aloe/white tea serum: sensitive, dehydrated, irritation-prone skin as well as normal skin and skin that lacks nourishment.

For example, my skin is rather moody, if I can call it that way. It finds it difficult to tolerate most commercial skin care products. Few cosmetics work for it. There are plenty of beauty products that don’t give me the effect I expect them to produce. In most cases I end up with spoiled makeup because my skin isn’t able to absorb these cosmetics fully; which is why they pill and often ruin my makeup.

Benefits of Nanoil face serum with aloe and white tea

First of all, this nourishing serum with aloe and white tea extract has nothing but positive influence on skin condition. What surprised me most was the consistency of this product – neither gooey nor heavy. I expected some silicone coat, a kind of a troublesome occlusive layer that the majority face serums leave on skin surface, but not Nanoil. It just penetrated skin and gave me the sensation of immediate relaxation and freshness. Additionally, I could feel that my skin got super smooth and supple. Secondly, the list of ingredients is short! I can’t find there any silicones or comedogenic substances. This product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Let’s focus now on the two main heroes of this face serum, shall we? The first one, aloe is known for offering numerous skin improving properties. Made of polysaccharides, vitamins, amino acids so it’s able to relieve face irritations and replenish skin with moisture. In short, I can say that aloe soothes and revitalizes skin.

Owing to a high concentration on polyphenols, white tea is able to neutralize the adverse effects of free radicals. Apart from that, white tea rejuvenates, evens out skin tone and improves skin resilience.

The results I achieved with Aloe & White Tea face serum by Nanoil

I was positively surprised once I noticed that neither dry skin patches nor redness appeared on my face within the last month. I can’t spot any acne and other blemishes either. My skin looks rested and fresh. Actually, I also spread this serum to my eye skin for daily care. This product works perfectly well if you want it to take care of your delicate under eye skin. It also deals with dark circles. To be honest, I can’t remember the last time my face featured puffiness – and I happen to stay up late at night. Rarely do I get enough sleep, too.

How to use Aloe & White Tea face serum by Nanoil?

At the beginning, I used to apply this Nanoil product only in the morning, prior to a face cream. However, the longer I was using it, the more I enjoyed the effects it produced, therefore I decided to add it to my evening beauty ritual as well. Thanks to Nanoil Aloe & White Tea face serum, my skin is no longer sensitive and over-reactive. Instead, it becomes soothed and well-rested. This is definitely my favorite face serum – lightweight and effective.

Do you know other Nanoil beauty products? Have you used any face serum launched by Nanoil? Let me know in the comments.

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