Long Lashes with Nanolash

Can you believe that this is the end of my Nanolash Treatment? I am extremely excited to tell you more about my final results. I first saw the Nanolash Enhancer on Mallika blog, and I was stunned by the before and after pictures. Although my lashes were average, I was always using the lengthening mascara. I just love abundant lashes. A couple of months later I stumbled across my college friend I hadn’t seen for years, and her lashes were amazing. I asked what she was using and she told me abbot the Nanolash Enhancer. I ordered it the same day. The product was delivered a couple of days later and the first impression of it was positive.

The tube is matte black with silver letters. The product was sealed so I am sure that nobody was fiddling with it. It has a tiny eyeliner-like brush that distributes the product evenly on the lash line.

eyelash serum

eyelash growth serum

After my 4th month with Nanolash I can only say:
♥♥♥I love my new, long lashes.♥♥♥

lashes after

My lashes are very long. Those results are comparable with what can only Latisse give.
I could see that they are much darker and shiner. When I remove the make-up, lesser lashes are falling out and they overall seem stronger than before.
The serum is efficient. I was using it for four months and I still have plenty of it left.
I can see more small lashes in the inner corner of the eye. Lashes appear fuller and denser.
Affordable price – £39. I paid much more for lash extensions that have fallen out after 3 weeks.
It was safe to my skin. I couldn’t feel any itchiness or discomfort
It has not been tested on animals
It has been clinically tested and proved to be safe

I was waiting for delivery over 3 days
I cannot buy it in any local stores

I am planning to use the enhancer once or twice a week to keep my lashes in good shape. I highly recommend it to anybody who would like to give your lashes a boost.

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