Trust me, this isn’t just another eyebrow serum. The benefits of using Nanobrow


If you read my posts carefully then you probably know that I’m not fully satisfied with the way my eyebrows look. Actually, I didn’t use to be satisfied because, luckily for me, it has changed thanks to Nanobrow. Are you curious what this marvel is? Let me invite you into reading a review of the best eyebrow serum I’ve had a chance to test!

eyebrow growth before and after nanobrow

Nanobrow eyebrow serum got into my hands by accident – my friend gave it to me. She bought 2-pack (it was cheaper then) hoping that finally we both would take good care of our eyebrows. And this is how my story with Nanobrow begins. Am I happy with the effects that I noticed after 5 weeks?


Before I started using Nanobrow my brows were thin. Every single time I tried to shape them, I had to be careful not to pluck too many hairs because – believe me or not – even one missing brow hair did make a difference back then. Besides, my brows were light in color and I had to devote adequate attention to them so as to prevent them from ‘vanishing’ from my face and, obviously, help them match my heavy makeup that I like so much. That was a tiring and mundane task…


Today it’s fifth week of my Nanobrow treatment. Now my eyebrows are amazing – they’ve changed dramatically. At the beginning of the treatment, I noticed my brows being more shiny and more manageable. Then, I could tell they got darker and basically at that point I thought that, in terms of effects, this was all I could achieve with Nanobrow. Well, I was wrong because today my brows are truly thick and full-looking. There are more brow hairs growing on my brow ridges and the brows that I always have are now bold and have stopped diminishing (e.g. while applying makeup). While talking about makeup, nowadays I limit putting it on because I no longer need to enhance my brows to make them noticeable. Sometimes I just define the arch by lining the bottom of the brows, but that’s pretty all. Amazing!

nanobrow serum reviews

My secret: Nanobrow eyebrow serum

The truth is, it all has changed the moment I started applying Nanobrow on a daily basis. Not only did I win a beautiful eye frame but also I save a little bit more free time that I had to spend on enhancing the brows with makeup. Also, I find myself more self-confident. It’s hard to believe how such a tiny thing – like a tube of an eyebrow serum – is able to fix some things. What should you know about Nanobrow eyebrow serum?

Nanobrow packaging

This is an elegant eyebrow serum that nobody should ever confuse with some cheap products that aspire to be the top-shelf ones. A black and matte tube houses a well-designed applicator. It’s really convenient to use.

Nanobrow consistency 

This brow serum is rather runny but it doesn’t drip off. It’s fast to penetrate eyebrows, which is also owed to the applicator. Nanobrow has neither color nor fragrance. The ingredients used are one of the best to boost eyebrow growth, moisturize and regenerate. Which ingredients used in Nanobrow are worth mentioning? I should start with Baikal skullcap extract + soy and wheat germ extract that combat eyebrow thinning, make them stronger and accelerate growth. Additionally, Nanobrow contains panthenol, arginine and ginseng extract to name just a few. In general, Nanobrow is made from substances that are responsible for revitalizing and beautifying eyebrows.

Nanobrow application

Here’s another crucial issue to shed light on. Honestly, I thought that it’d be far more difficult to use eyebrow serum. To my surprise, application of Nanobrow is really simple. Introducing using Nanobrow into your daily beauty ritual is easy because you have to use it after removing makeup, at bedtime.

Would I recommend Nanobrow?

Sure, I would! This is an eyebrow serum that does work and is incredibly efficient. It lasts longer than these several weeks that I’ve been using it so far. Who should find using Nanobrow beneficial? You should reach for Nanobrow if:

  • you have damaged and weakened eyebrows.
  • the color of your brows is fair.
  • the brow hairs fall out excessively.
  • you wish to have thick and clear eyebrows.
  • you have patchy eyebrows.
  • you wish to spend less time on applying makeup.

If you need more information on Nanobrow, please visit the official website-– where you will also find the pricing.

Kisses! <3

21 Comments “Trust me, this isn’t just another eyebrow serum. The benefits of using Nanobrow”

  1. mrs Claudine

    Thanks for marvolous post! You’ve restored my faith in the fact that my brows can be saved 🙂

  2. miss-no-brows

    Another serum with miraculous effects. Has someone used it? I dont believe review anymore cause I read a lot of them about other products and each turned out to be a scam… 🙁

  3. Rocket

    HAVE IT! LOVE IT! I use it everyday before sleep for about 4 weeks and I’m delighted how much it is my vibe. Beautiful brows with little effort. <3

  4. Maya Patel

    Its super cool it has sooo many plant extracts. That counts :):)

  5. Alexia 32

    Can I get this Nanobrow somewhere at store? I’d like to smell it.

    • unspoken

      Alexia, it is not a perfume to smell it. It doesnt have a smell and that’s good cause once you have it on you can’t feel it.

  6. LEIA

    Has any of you use it and tell me if it helps with brow deficits?

  7. Love Bug

    I have to speak up because I see girls ask about results. I use Nanobrow for 3 months now. Before you start asking: no the bottle hasn’t finished yet. I started using it cause I had ugly deficits in brows after some bad pomade I used to use. Somewhere around 3-4 weeks deficits srated to fill and today I have beautiful, expressive brows. Thanks to Nanobrow. 🙂

  8. Agatha

    By definition I’m sceptical but after reading your review I can see that Nanobrow has only the pros. i think I give it a try.

  9. Katy Prime

    My brows are extremely damaged and fair. I will test Nanobrow and hope to say bye bye to my brow pencil 😀

  10. Muffin

    Nanobrow helped me to fill deficits in the brow ridge that I had in a few spots, it looked awful, thanks to nanobrow hairs grew back nicely, no problems, fast action, 100% recommend

  11. Thumbelina

    Perfect serum, no comparing it to any other, to me 10/10

  12. Kate O

    A bit pricey, dont you think?

  13. Donna Walters

    Effects, ingredients, action, looks – all is great and to add to it I had it home in 2 days! <3

  14. MickeyMouse

    Great review, thanks for it, trully, your mega helpful, regards.

    • Martyna

      Thank you, it is really nice to hear and kind regards to you too.

      • Mrs Jones

        Reliable reviews are your thing!

  15. Gertrude

    It’s true, Nanobrow is super efficient, worth every penny. In addition it works perfectly!

  16. Olive

    For me it was around fourth week when things started to get interesting but my brows were really badly sparse and thin.

  17. Hummingbird

    What a wonderful composition! Wow, trully, I’m impressed and reading it at your page that it works… Marvelous!

  18. NoName

    My brows grew amazingly and fast after its use too, now my makeup takes less time, brows were always the timeconsuming part… now I just comb them with some colorless gel.


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